Monday, February 14, 2011

Read it in the Wind

Again I apologize for the late posting, but after a whirlwind (pardon the pun) trip to the tunnel, and back to Tucson training, time has been hard to come by.

Simply put, the A2 Wind Tunnel experience was incredible.  I owe a HUGE "Thank You" to Paul Lew and Reynolds Cycling for taking me along for the ride.  It was quite a privilege to get to see the inner workings of a wind tunnel, have the science explained (as best as possible in laymen's terms), and see the numbers for myself.  It was immediately apparent why the A2 Tunnel has become the standard bearer of sorts in the triathlon & cycling worlds.

We started off the trip by heading to a great shop in Charlotte, NC which gave Paul a chance to talk wheels with a Reynolds distributor.  Paul Lew, is, in no uncertain terms, a wealth of aerodynamics knowledge.  His main business is designing unmanned aircraft for the government. 'Nuff said.
Paul & I bookended by Bicycle Sport's owners
The next morning started early as a long day of testing lay ahead of us. Mike Giraud heads up the bicycle testing at A2 and the guy knows his wind.  Between he and Paul, suffice it to say I felt like a square peg all day.  A big thanks goes to Mike not only for his expertise, hard work, and attention to detail, but also for his patience in taking the time to explain the goings on.
Mike Giraud setting me up on the Reynolds RZR 92s. INSANE Wheels
The rest of the day was jammed packed with testing, and given that I can't reveal much as of yet, the story is best told in photos:

Testing was done in the black skin tight shirt as well for consistency
Testing was done on a road bike to see the interplay between the different frames
Mr. Lew Dispensing knowledge
I am extremely greatful that Paul & Mike took the time to use their expertise & knowledge and make some changes to my position that I am confident will benefit my racing in 2011. HUGE!

You might have noticed that I was aboard Specialized bikes for the testing. No, this was not because Reynolds had a deal to use their bikes. There is indeed, something more in the wind (sorry, I couldn't help it).

If you have been reading this blog for a while, or followed my racing last year, you know I rode Blue Competition Cycles in 2010.  Well, in addition to those changes I announced in previous posts, the bikes I will be riding in 2011 can be added to that list.  

I greatly enjoyed working with Blue and riding their bikes.  I have NOTHING bad to say about the company, the people I was fortunate enough to work with, nor the quality or performance of their bikes.  The Triad and Triad SL were/are great bikes.  

I am excited however, to announce that I will be aboard the "Big Red S" this year and training and racing on Specialized bikes and in Specialized helmets and shoes.  Specialized has earned the reputation as a leader and innovator in the cycling and triathlon world and I am honored and privileged to have their support in the coming year.  In tandem with another sponsor of mine, Palos Verdes Bicycle Center, a Specialized concept store, I am extremely fortunate to have all bike bases covered. Its going to be a great 2011 aboard a bike!  How could it not be with this set up?! 

Cheers, Ian


  1. Yeah, but how does the stache affect your aerodynamics? That's the real question.

  2. I knew it. Congrats on a new sponsor. Great pics and I am certain an amazing experience.

  3. What a great post! So glad you had fun in the wind tunnel! The pics are amazing. I'm heading to Tucson tomorrow. Let me know if you are still in town. We'll be there training Thurs - Sunday! Take care and congrats on the specialized!

  4. That is one seriously speedy looking bike!! You too.

  5. Love the pics of you in the wind tunnel! Looks like you had an amazing experience out there.