Friday, October 22, 2010

A funny thing happened

I think that is a title of an old movie or play, at least that is what I can gather from an episode of Mad Men (I'm on season 2) I watched on my way out to Austin.  Little did I know it was foreshadowing.

I left this out of my RR but remembered it yesterday and had to laugh (more on what sparked my memory below).

Out in Austin, during the final miles of the bike leg, just after catching up with fellow Blue rider, Trevor Wurtele, we came upon a little traffic. I saw a truck pulled over on the opposite side of the road, but until I got around a few cars, I didn't see what all the fuss was about.  Then I saw the driver of the aforementioned truck running down the middle of the street in jeans and cowboy boots.  This struck me as quite odd and I looked up the street a bit and saw the reason for the bottleneck.  A HUGE cow or bull had gotten lose and was running down the middle of the highway.  I couldn't help laughing.  Then it stopped, sideways, taking up the entirety of the lane in my direction.  I took a wide line around it, figuring no referee was going to give me a penalty for crossing the double yellow under these circumstances.  Just as I passed the thing started running in the same direction so I put in a little effort to drop him/her/it.  Just up the road I saw a cop laughing his ass off and taking a picture with his phone.  As I passed I laughed and said, "Only in Texas!"  On the run Trevor and I had a good little laugh about it as well. Good times.  

What reminded me of this was something I saw at the pool yesterday.  I have regaled you all with the funny/stupid stuff that goes on at my local pool.  Yesterday provided yet another instance.  A woman got in the lane next to me and at first I didn't notice anything.  It was only when I saw her swimming some unidentifiable stroke that she got my attention.  She was wearing a cap with a cartoon-ish shark on the sides, mouth open towards the front.  Then I saw her cap actually had a dorsal fin sticking up out of the top of the cap.  I stared in disbelief until she got to the wall next to me when I had to put my face in the water to hide my laughter.  She was like 40yrs old.  I'd be willing to bet this cap was bought in the pool toy aisle at a local Big 5.  What some people wear?!?!

Any funny things happen to you recently?  


  1. That bull/cow story is going to be hard to top!!! So, he kept up with you for a bit? Had to put the hurt on him 'eh? :) Hilarious!!!

  2. oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard. you need to find that cop and get that pic, that would be priceless! that by far tops anything funny that's happened to me lately....

  3. This is TX man, we see that junk daily!

    I did see a giant cow road kill last month. This thing was so big I was surprised the car wasn't laying in the ditch beside it.

    One of the funnier things I've seen is a sign on my prime cycle route that says the Girls High School TX State power lifting champ lives on my route. Only in TX is there a girls power lifting HS champ. check it:

  4. Hahaha - that bull story is awesome!! And I need one of those swim caps ;) The only thing I can think of right now is the guy next to me in my yoga class doing yoga in what looked like drag shorts and nothing else. I wish I could tell you he looked damn good, but he didn't :-/

  5. I have that swim cap too, and I actually bought it at the IMCDA expo last year :) However, it's too small for my head. Or my hair, I like to think. It *is* a kid's size cap.

  6. That bull story is seriously amazing.. yes, only in Texas.. then again, I don't think we had that for BSLT did we?? hey...that swim cap is cool..where do you think I could get one.. the question is - does that dorsal fin make her faster??!! hummm....