Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Office

I spent some time getting used to my new office this weekend.  Time WELL spent.

Here is the view:

And here is said new office:

I am insanely stoked on this bike.  It is very similar to the Triad I was riding before, but this is the Blue Triad SL.  It has just a little different carbon and is therefore a bit lighter and even a bit stiffer (I didn't think it was possible).  The main reason for the new rig was sizing.  After some time on the Triad, and some discussion with the guys at Blue, we figured I might be better off on a medium frame.  I can tell already that the change was for the better.  The bike feels great and I am even more impressed than I was before. An awesome machine.  If you are in the market for a new rig, I highly recommend you give Blue a serious look.

What was NOT awesome was forgetting my helmet for Saturday's ride.  Thankfully, my friend Matt came through with a spare:
At first glance its not that bad. From the front at least. But....
From the side....  Yeah, I spent 4hrs riding around the Santa Monica Mtns. and Malibu with that on my head. I am REALLY cool. 


  1. That is hillarious.
    I love your new ride

  2. Glad you kept your noggin safe!!! :0)

  3. So you are "that guy" that wore the aerohelmet riding around town... ;)

    Awesome views from your new office!!! And awesome new office too! :)

  4. Can I borrow that sweet helment sometime?

  5. sweet new office, instead of casual friday, aero helmet Sundays?

  6. Haaaha, please don't wear that when we ride this weekend!

  7. If you're good, you can pull off any helmet. That ride looks sweet, Tom failed to take me on that ride when I was down there.