Monday, August 30, 2010

Big spectator weekend

As I am sure most all of you are aware, this last weekend was a jam packed one in the triathlon world.  Between TriCal's Alcatraz, Santa Barbara, IMs Canada & Louisville, and Chicago, there wasn't time for much else than spectating.

On Saturday I hit the alarm and the road at 0' dark 30 for Santa Barbara to watch and support a host of T3 athletes that were tackling the long course race.  They did not disappoint.  Danny Brienza came up BIG and had the overall victory almost in his grasp, losing it with less than 2mi to go.  He gutted it out the rest of the way and held on for 2nd.  Another big performance came from good friend and loyal training partner Bill MacLeod who used the fastest bike split and fastest run split in his age group to take 2nd in 50-54 and 19th overall.  Fellow IM Wisconsin racer in 2 weeks, Ryan Pearson, also stepped onto the 30-34 podium with a solid race.  Scott, Brynn, Christine and Chris all had very good races as well.
The only decent pic I got all day: Bill MacLeod heading out to put the hurt on

Charisa and Jason and Gaylen May headed even further North to take on Alcatraz.  As per usual, Jason CRUSHED the swim coming out of the water only 1second behind the fastest male pro swim split.  He went on to take 2nd AG and 4th amateur OA. SOLID!  Jason's better half, Gaylen, came up on only slightly shy of her husband, and used a dominating bike split to take 4th in her AG.  Charisa put a little spin on her usual race and showed some solid bike improvement, then (also per usual) ran her way up the rankings and into the $$ finishing 7th in the women's pro field.  Impressive given the amount of volume/IM focused training she has been doing.

In all it was a MONSTER weekend for T3 Performance Multisports.

After my spectating was done for the day, I was pretty wisped and enjoyed a restful remainder of the day.

Sunday was my last big day for IM Wisconsin. Another 7hrs of swim/bike/run went by without a hitch.  Nothing spectacular, but nothing unspectacular either which was all I was looking for.  The work is pretty much done now.  Just get there, execute, suffer, and hopefully finish with a smile.

Congrats again to all T3ers on smashing it this weekend.


  1. Jason rocked it at Alcatraz - so fun seeing him and Gaylen out there!

  2. You and me both were specathletes this weekend. Hey, can you work on getting the big C to do Canada as well next year?