Thursday, April 1, 2010

Riding to Nowhere

In my last post before Oceanside, I got a few questions regarding my "athletic" history. This is not to "toot my own horn" by any means, but some people find it somewhat interesting that I only really started the swimbikerun about 3yrs ago. It is true, this was me (middle) back when 12oz curls was my chosen form of exercise.

I think that the question I am most often asked when people find out I have only been riding as long as I have, is "How did you develop your cycling ability?" I am sure a little of my football strength transfered over, but I am positive that I began to see big gains shortly after I was introduced to this guy:
(yes I found the cheesiest pic I could)
and to this thing
Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer
If you don't know, the pic above is Coach Troy Jacobson of Spinervals fame. Again, for those who may not know, Spinervals are DVDs with specific workouts to watch while riding the trainer. I love the trainer. You can absolutely SMASH yourself on it and have nothing else to concentrate on but how hard you are working. Seriously, I think the best bike workouts I have ever had have been on the trainer, without a doubt. From the most aerobic of rides to the most anaerobic, the trainer is KEY. Lucky for me, and in direct contrast to my healthy hatred of the treadmill, I actually enjoy the trainer. Even living in So. Cal., even in the summer, even when its light out, I will hit the trainer for good hard work. In my run up to Kona this year, I rode outside about 2 days a week. The rest was indoors, windows closed, long sleeve T's on, getting ready for the heat. Some of the best work I have ever done.

So if you don't have them, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a trainer and some Spinervals DVDs. You won't be sorry. Click on these links to TriSports and use coupon code IMIKE-S for 10% off. I have probably 10 DVDs I use regularly, some at least once a week. They WILL improve your cycling, FAST. At least it worked for me. Happy spinning.


  1. Wow, that's incredible the progress you've made in so short of a time.

    I totally agree with learning to love the trainer...this is the first winter I've learned to embrace it. It works!

  2. Wow....Is that a double chin hidden under the goatee?

    Are you guys doing Vineman?

  3. Gotta love that "trainer" thing! Although your recent post was titled "pain cave"!

    Congrats on your incredible journey to fitness and health!


  4. HOLY CRAP! That's you?!! mega inspiration.
    cheers, from my trainer to yours. on mine right now....and i mus say, intervals on the trainer are WAY better than easy/steady ride.

  5. I LOVE reading stories about where people started. You have done an AMAZING job over the past few years - CONGRATS! And I am with you on the trainer thing... it helps A LOT and I live in a beautiful, sunny place as well :)

  6. one of my favorite shows on tv is the biggest loser... i think you missed your window. you could have been on the show and totally cleaned up! haha... killing yourself on the trainer is definitely a "last chance" workout. you need to come stay with us... you and beth could throwdown on the trainer! she loves it too!

    seriously though... you progression has been rad and can't wait to see what you do this year!

  7. So I got myself one of those trainer things and I already had a DVD, but for some reason I think something is missing from the equation. Hmmmmm...

  8. I think you should change the pic on your blog to a split pic of you with the Hawaiian shirt on one side the and the pic from Kona on the other side.

  9. I can't believe that's you!! :)

    And I truly believe what you said about the trainer. I ride it all winter long and even in the summer for my hard rides so I can do like you said - put my head down and work really hard without having to worry about traffic, potholes, stop signs, etc... I think it makes you so strong! As it obviously did you! :)

  10. Great post. I still hate my trainer.

  11. Oh, this post gives me hope as I've recently started back on doing a couple of Spinervals workouts a week. Coach Troy makes it challenging for sure. Though lately I wondered if trainer workouts were easier with my front wheel propped up. You just took away my doubts. Back to our regularly scheduled programs. And a belated CONGRATS on your amazing pro debut!! So happy for you :-)