Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to it

I haven't ridden "long" since training for Kona. A few 100mi rides but nothing over 5hrs and all those were flat. This weekend it was back on the long horse, and it wasn't going to be flat. I went down to Carlsbad to join Charisa and Kevin and get back out on some of the roads we all grew to know and love SO very much while training for Kona. Unfortunately, for us and her, Cha Boom Boom came down with something on Saturday after struggling through our morning ride and wisely called it quits for the weekend. Some would be happy to have an excuse to sit on a comfortable couch all weekend and watch a huge TV, but not her.

So after some running on Saturday night, Kevin and I rolled out for a trip to Lake Henshaw. Really we couldn't have asked for a much better day. Coach placed strict orders to "ride it like a tourist" as I had a run to follow, and we had weather like this:
Despite abiding by coach's orders, I think the previous day's efforts had taken their toll and I rode the Bonk roller coaster from about 2hrs in. A bit over 6hrs later and I was in full bonk, sitting on Charisa's floor mowing down some cottage cheese. That run after I mentioned above, clearly that wasn't going to happen. 15mins later, I was standing in Charisa's kitchen making my post shower meal and holding the Brita filter so it didn't fall over during the earthquake. Judging by her reaction to the tremor, I think its safe to say Charisa still has a fair amount of Chicago and East Coast in her.

Car packed, sick girl left in the more than able hands of doting husband, I set off north. Once home I found that the drive had surprisingly left me feeling quite rejuvenated. So the plan was put back into action and I got in that scheduled run before dinner.

All in all, another good weekend. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed in myself with the bonkage on the bike. But I can't really expect to jump back into the long hilly rides and have the body just snap back into it. Work to be done. Work. To. Be. Done.


  1. Whew! That is a lot of work. And climbing!! Glad you still got that run in. It's amazing how a little food (and some time) can change one's perspective. :)

  2. Nice job....bonkville is not fun! Glad you bounced back...not get that Charisa girl back in action :)


  3. you really have a thing for cottage cheese, huh.

  4. that earthquake was insane!! I will look for triangles next time :)

  5. nice job regrouping after some nutrition and a little rest.

    This was a great weekend for was awesome.

  6. Psst. Cottage cheese really won't help with the bonk factor. Need sugar, not protein. And cottage cheese is just plain nasty.