Monday, October 5, 2009

What's Done is Done

Nothing I can do now but %*@# it up by doing too much. Which, I vow NOT to do. People have asked me several times today whether I am ready. I actually thought about it, and while, yeah, I am ready to get on with it, it is just one of those things in life that you never really feel "READY" for. I feel as though I have done a great deal to get here, and that I have put in some solid work. But its just one of those things. Like when I took the Bar exam, beforehand when people asked me if I was ready, I felt like "yeah, I am ready to get on with it and put it behind me. But at the same time, would I like 3 more weeks to study? YES!!" That's how I feel now, I am ready to race, to take a crack at the biggest of the BIG in my sport. But would I like 3 more weeks to train? HELL YES!!

But as far as I know, one can't slow down time. So I am just going to try and enjoy the rest of the days before the madness and then do my best to put all my work to test. I have WAY TOO many "Thank Yous" to go around, some bigger than others, but most of you, I hope, know who you are and I will keep most of it personal and leave it at this: No matter what happens on the 10th, some people reading this, and some not reading this, have done some HUGE things for me and motivated, coached, encouraged, enabled and supported me at times when I really needed it. From those who have done the most, all the way to those who have simply made a comment on this blog, it has all helped. And for that I am grateful. So a BIG "THANK YOU" to you all.

I board a plane at 8:20 tomorrow morning for my date with the Harbor, Madam Pele, and Ali'i Drive. Here's hoping for a good one.




  1. You do not need 3 more weeks. YOU ARE READY!

  2. I totally second what Charisa wrote. This is not like the bar exam, this is Kona. I can't believe you compared the two. Just go out there and execute and problem solve for 9+ hours.

  3. Charisa is right (she always is :))) You are so reday and I can't wait to see you kick some a$$.

  4. You are gonna kick ass out there. Can't wait to see it all come together on Saturday.

  5. good luck....just from keeping up with your training on the blog, it looks like you've done the work.

    Have a great race, you're going to crush it!

  6. Have a great race and enjoy every moment!!