Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Kona (in photos)

This was taken on Kuakini Hwy just before climbing up Palani. That was probably the last time I felt good in the race until right about here.
From then on it was pretty much all smiles. Especially once I knew Charisa and Kevin had tamed the beast as well.
For some reason I always feel goofy when they ask us to put our awards over our heads. I feel like Ben Afleck's character in "Dazed and Confused". Like I am being set up and somebody is about to dump paint all over my head.
With the awkwardness over the flood gates were open for the real fun, and fittingly the fastest (and happiest) Hawaiian was there to open em.
My parents are great fans and unbelievable supporters. they had a great time as well, despite the fact that my Dad looks like he just saw a ghost and is scared out of his shorts.
One of the things I miss most about Kona is the crazy little Geckos that provided endless amounts of entertainment. My mom was Hilary Biscay's teacher's aid in like 3rd grade and we were talking to her and her BF, Maik Twelsiek (12th pro) after the race. Apparently he was even more enthused by these guys than me as mid conversation he excitedly exclaimed: "LOOK, LOOK! Green Animal!"
I am definitely missing views like this everyday. Alot of people around here have been begging for cold, wet, whether of late. I just flat out don't want it. This is my off season. The last 2 days my alarm has gone off to get up and go ride/run/swim and I have laughed and gone back to sleep. I want nice whether, I want to go out and enjoy days like this while not clipped into a bike for 5-7hrs. I want to swim in the ocean without any purpose other than to enjoy it. Its gotta be warm for that. On the other hand, "since off season" is rapidly coming to a close, I wouldn't mind if winter came and went within the next 3 weeks!
I said "aloha" to the big island with, at the request of its grantor, a toss of a lei into the Pacific and a quiet request to one day return to the island to compete again. Only a couple weeks back, and I already know that competing or not, I wanna be back for 2010!


  1. Award above head = ok.
    Compression sleeves or socks with flip flops = FAIL. Someone should have dumped paint on your head.

  2. Nice pics. I can imagine the "green animal" said in a German accent :))

  3. Love the last pic. And love how the 3 musketeers are all looking in different directions! Makes me laugh!