Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Ones:

Last weekend, the waves, the results, the decisions, the trips & the miles.... all were Big Ones.

On Thursday, after whopping 2 days home from Vineman, I flew back up to Sonoma to be a groomsman in my friend Ben & Darcy's wedding. It went off without a hitch and was a beautiful ceremony followed by an awesome reception. I am very happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. Flint!! A big weekend indeed.

Saturday was a 6am flight back to LA. Once home it was time for the as instructed, "easy" 5 hour ride up the Pacific Coast to Malibu. It was a great day for it, but since I am an idiot, I forgot to bring my camera. After throwing some food down my gullet I was back on the road down to the OC. Several friends were racing the Pacific Coast Sprint Tri down in Newport and I wanted to watch, support, sherpa, etc... This race was the US qualifier for the Sprint World Championships in Australia in September. T3's sprint distance specialist, Brian Tasker, had given this race priority due to that fact and thus, Sean, Trish and I were there to bring the T3 support. Tawnee, Brynn and Chris who all raced Vineman with me, made me feel a little light in my loafers, as one week out they were ready to call on the speed. I, was not.

The surf, as I am sure many of you have read, heard, seen, or experienced, was pretty big down here this weekend especially at the south facing beaches. Crystal Cove is South facing and thus some pretty big sets were rolling in. This beach doesn't handle big swells and it was just dumping big barreling shorepound walls. About 30mins before race start, the swim was called and it was now a Du. So Brynn and Tawnee looked a little dry at the swim exit
Brynn had a good race despite the burn in her legs left over from Vineman got herself a OZ slot. Big decisions ahead.
Brian did not disappoint and took 5th in his age group and also secured a slot to OZ!! Nice work BT!!
Not to be outdone, Tawnee (since she has failed to do her own bragging on her blog, I will do it for her) took 3rd in her AG but turned down the OZ slot as she has a steely-eyed focus on Clearwater in November!!
Chris had a solid outing but the lack of a swim stole some of his advantage and motivation and he looked at it as just a fun speed work day.
I finished off the weekend with my prescribed 1:40 "easy" run and not knowing the area, Tawnee was kind enough to direct me out and around El Toro Marine Base (not exactly the most temperate place to run on a hot day) but she was woman enough to join me for the last 30mins.

If you noticed, both my workouts this weekend were not self generated. That is the other Big One, I realized it was time and got myself a coach. Given his other athletes' success, I think I am in good hands. With Kona on the horizon, it is time to get serious!!


  1. Damn, you're gonna be super fast with a coach. Smart move. Makes you train hard and rest easy.

  2. And you won all those races without a coach???? The rest of the guys in 25-29 are doomed. Nice pics by the way.

  3. Glad you remembered your camera for the tri :) And all your friends rocked it!!