Monday, July 6, 2009

Active Recovery??

So another AWESOME weekend was enjoyed down in Carlsbad thanks to the Hosts with the Mosts, Charisa and Steven.

I am not exactly sure all we did was a "good idea" given the fact that I was (as of yesterday) 2 weeks removed from Ironman CDA and not yet fully recovered. But I did it anyway cause I am just not too smart, cautious, or peer pressure resistant.

After a quick 2500yds in the pool Friday morning I departed for Carlsbad and arrived weary of what the day had in store. It turned out to be a rather hilly 3.5hr ride being toured around Eastern SD trying to keep Kevin in sight. It was a fruitless attempt at most times. After the ride, some food, and some rest. Charisa took me on a nice 50min "recovery run" through the trails around her house. It was anything but what I would classify as a "recovery run". The topographical map, were I so technologically advanced to know how to post it, would look some thing similar to this __/~//~\_\__. (hope you can decipher that). I felt like hell the entire ride and not so great on the run so I was really beginning to question the Saturday schedule.

That schedule brought a 3hr ride/1.5hr run brick. Much to my surprise, and joy, I felt much better on Saturday and was able to actually stay near Kevin for most of the ride. The run was fun for about 15 mins, BAD for about 10, fun again for 50, and pretty rough for the last 15. It was HOT, I had no water till mile 11 and only one gel. Back and the Wernick Manor, recovery smoothies were prepared and imbibed with incredible speed and satisfaction. Then it was time to watch the Tour, head out for more food, and watch some fireworks. given it was the 4th, Steven & I fulfilled our ethical and moral obligation as red blooded American and enjoyed a few cold beers.

Sunday morning was not a good one. You know its bad when you get a quarter mile from the house and all you find yourself talking about how nice it would be to turn around and go BBQ. This is especially bad when its 6:45am. But this is EXACTLY what Charisa and I found ourselves doing. Knowing we had people to meet however, we trudged on. Soon enough we were climbing to Ramona and things began to feel better. About mile 70, my legs were threatening not to just to throw in the towel, but launch a full scale mutiny. Somehow I convinced them not too and just tried to keep Brian and Kevin in sight. A couple of bonks, some interesting introspective moments and 123 miles later, and we were back at the Wernick Manor. Turns out 7hrs is a long time to spend on the bike and I wasn't looking forward to the drive home. But I made it, had a bomb dinner, and hit the sack thoroughly wiped but stoked on another awesome weekend of solid training and great times with AWESOME people.


  1. Everything you said is true, and I think I felt all those same things - awesome, awful, amazing, fried, DONE, happy, tired, etc. Thanks for a great weekend - I think these weekends are the ones I'll remember most when I'm racing Kona this year :)

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