Thursday, June 21, 2012

CdA Round 2

I am all settled here in Couer d'Alene with internet finally up and running.

Sunday will mark my second "go round" at IM CdA after cutting my iron distance teeth here in 2009 as an amateur. I had very fond memories of that race so the thought of coming back has been in my head ever since.

The course has changed some over the last couple years, and today I got to go check it out. The old course was pretty scenic, but the new course did not disappoint. With views like this, I mean, come on....
Right near the run and bike course turn around
Some have said the new course will be much faster as many of the hills have been removed. But there is still a substantial amount of gain facing us on Sunday, and I am not so sure a vastly different finish time is in store.
Summit of the first climb
And with views outside my front door like this, soaking the legs is all that much easier.

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  1. good luck sunday, stoked to see you have a go at the race again! Locals think it will be faster without ALL those turns on the old course..which is a ton