Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Round 2

Since the last Triathlon Squad camp ended in Tucson (March 13th), I was fortunate enough to spend all but the days I was at the Specialized camp, in Fountain Hills, AZ due to the incredible generosity of some great people and friends, the Dunns.  It was truly a blessing that they took me in as it gave me the opportunity to get the treatment my achilies needed.  In fact I was at Endurance Rehab nearly five days a week for much of that time.  Nate Koch at Endurance Rehab plain and simple knows his stuff and he got me back up and running much sooner than I expected. In fact I was a little shocked the first time he finished treatment and said "Go run."  Don't get me wrong though, it was not all smiles and Tulips.  ASTYM works, but not without a hefty price. That price is PAIN!  It is not a pleasant procedure, but pain is temporary, and pales in comparison to the reward of being back on your feet.

Now, as to the "Round 2" mentioned above, I am now back in Las Cruces for the third camp, the second time in Las Cruces, with the Triathlon Squad.  I am by no means fit, but running is coming along and if I can stay healthy, I'm optimistic that I can get back to where I was before the injury by the end of this camp on May 8th.

A few things have changed with the Squad for this go round.  We are a smaller crew for the first little bit, with certain members off training and racing in different locales for much of the camp.  And the pool is set up long course meters.  These two facts combined leave me gasping, quite literally, while trying to hang onto the "ITU Girls" every morning.  I know I will come out the better for it, but the swims are no joke right now.

Today was actually the second day of camp here, and it was a good one.  A tough swim with a "hard and harder" theme, a nice but windy and dry ride and an evening run to top it off.  Two things are certain, Las Cruces is MUCH warmer this time of year, and I simply CANNOT drink enough out here. This place is DRY.


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