Monday, December 6, 2010

More AZ Photos

Ironman Arizona was fortunate to have some great photographers show up and do their work in fine fashion. Below are a few shots that some caught of me and were gracious enough to share.  BIG thanks to them all.  I am still on the hunt for pics of me crashing into the motorcycle. I want those BAD!!  

The above photos were shot by Tim Carlson who does great work for Slowtwitch and other triathlon publications

Kerry Yndestad caught this one from a cool angle

Sue Hutter snapped these coming into the finish

One of the best in the business, Larry Rosa.

Kerry Yndestad

Quite possibly my favorite triathlon shot. Larry Rosa. 


  1. You are seriously looking pro these days.

  2. Awesome pics - love the 'stache! :)

  3. ahh, you got them! sweet pics Ian - the 'stache will live on... in photos ;)

  4. Larry is the BEST! Love that bike pic and that last shot is one of the best I've ever seen of anyone.

  5. I think you look like you should be on that Magnum PI episode where he did the Ironman. Have you shaved it yet?

  6. Amazing pics! The Mo looks stellar! Great Race, way to finish off your first season as Pro!

  7. Great pics! Last one is the best! Congrats!