Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Although a little ashamed in light of Chrissie Wellington's battle with West Nile Virus, I will admit that I had all but pulled out of Ironman Arizona a week ago.  When I got sick and had to take 4 days completely off of training, including 3 days that were supposed to be the BIG days for AZ prep, I got nervous and anxious.  I knew the field at AZ is going to be DEEP and that I would need to be in the best shape possible going in if I wanted a respectable finish given what the times that are likely to be thrown down on race day.  Missing my big weekend and figuring I would still be a little under the weather, I had mentally pulled myself from the race.  A moment of weakness it was.

However, with clearer sinuses, came clear thought, and and some good workouts, and I made the decision to race IM AZ.  No turning back now.

With that decision in mind, and most of my AZ training parters either otherwise engaged or winding it down, I headed South last weekend back to the time tested training grounds of North County San Diego.  The Wernick casa honored my standing reservation and I was ready to go.

Friday we all went out to dinner as Todd was in town doing some tri shop re-conn and we wanted to shoe the pasty Minnesota man some good Mexican grub.  It was a good time, with good stories and good people.

Unfortunately the triathlete half of my host couple woke with a cold on Saturday so that meant it would be just me and my Mo to the top of Mt. Palomar.  It felt good to be back on the mountainside and pushing a hard effort all the way to the top.  It was a little chilly up there, but one of the most best days ever to be on a bike.
Camera phone just doesn't do it justice.
Sunday, trusty training partner Kevin maned up and rode with me. 6.5hrs, and 7,500ft of climbing later it was time to run.  My legs surprisingly showed up for the challenge and rounded out a solid weekend.  Monday was a running day and served to slam the cap on the weekend.  All in all a really good one and I am feeling good about AZ.

Ironman Arizona will be my last race of my rookie season.  I am hoping it rounds it out with my best result yet, but either way I am happy with the way the season has gone despite my less than stellar results.  But I am  also happy it will be over.  I've been training for this season since December and its a long time on "GO!"  So a break will be more than nice.  I am super stoked to be starting that break with what promises to be an awesome adventure.  The day after IM AZ I will be boarding a flight to the Big Island of Kona. A great friend and one of the most inspirational and tough as nails girls I know, Hillary Biscay, is tackling the challenge of Ultraman and I am lucky enough to have secured myself a front row seat to watch her hand that race a beat down.  I will be crewing for Hillary on her 318.6 mile journey around the Big Island and can't wait for it.  I can't think of a better way to finish the season and get motivated for 2011!


  1. So great to hear you are back on track and ready for one last big one!!! What an awesome rookie year you've had - now time to finish it off with a bang!!! And how awesome to spend time in Kona after that!!! (I do fit in larger suitcases you know... ;)

  2. Crewing Ultraman is super cool!

  3. glad your body is coming around! good luck in AZ and have fun in Kona! my friend Kellie Smirnoff is crewing for an athlete there as well (you may actually run into her, seems like ultraman people are a tight crew!). should be a blast!!!

  4. Just saw the start list for IM AZ, that is one stacked and full field, embrace it, doesn't get any better. Just go out there with an open mind knowing that you are prepared to race smart and suffer and think you'll be fine. Crewing the Ultraman, good good stuff.