Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dinner was SERVED last night
In fact this has been my dinner several nights in the last 2 weeks. I happen to have a few incredible friends, Charisa and Kevin, who both happen to not only be equally incredible athletes, but also vegetarians. Both will eat eggs, and Kevin will eat fish (one of us owes the other sushi but I have lost track through all our race bets). When Charisa and I went out to the Biscay Desert Oasis and Day Spa for our training camp, I basically opted to eat what Charisa was eating as we were cooking our meals together and it was way easier that way. I did sneak in my mandatory smoked salmon, but that was it meat wise for 4 days. But we did have eggs. And a variation of the picture above.

I have been all over this meal lately for several reasons: 1) its healthy, 2) its filing and 3) its easy. Just a whole bunch of veggies, egg whites and some spices. BASIC!

Last night it was: cabbage, zucchini, spinach, onions, bell peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, and carrots with 3 egg whites. Delish! It also satisfies my seemingly boundless appreciation for "breakfast for dinner."


  1. solid. beth and i are HUGE fans of veggie/egg scrambles... for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  2. It all sounds good except cabbage. ick.

  3. Yo Ian, as a pescetarian (not presbyterian, I haven't been that since I was 9) for almost one year now, I recommend you try it, c'mon, everybody's doing it. You don't have to be militant about it, about once every five months or so, I get a craving for a burger or a steak and I don't deny myself.