Thursday, November 19, 2009

IM AZ & The Brothers Pearson

I will be off to AZ tomorrow morning. My second year in a row heading out to watch Ironman Arizona. Last year Ryan (one part of the Brothers Pearson) & I went out to cheer on my buddy Brandon Mills as he lost his Ironman "V card". This year Brandon is coming along to see things from the spectator side.

On my way to masters this morning my buddy Jason said to me how stoked we are we aren't doing the race (he recently pulled out as well due to legitimate work issues). As I told him, I am SUPER stoked Dirk (coach) talked me out of racing AZ. After Kona I was READY for some down time and would not have been up for resuming training right away to get ready for AZ. I guess that's one of the reasons one gets a coach huh?

This time round, it will be the Brothers Pearson that will be losing their respective Ironman V-cards. We initially all signed to race this together. I was already signed up for IM CdA but still wanted to race it with them. There is still a little part of me that wishes I was racing this weekend to experience it with them, but that part is small and its voice is weak.

The Brothers have done all the training, put in the work, and now its their chance to see what it takes. I am confident in both. For the past year Ryan has gotten the better of Chris in most races (older brothers always win... sucks!!). But you know what they say, "this is Ironman, anything can happen." Ryan could go too hard on the bike, blow up and be left walking as Chris jogs by grinning all the way. (You read that Ryan?) Or vice versa. Cough, cough... Chris. Hahahaha. So who knows, it could end up being a Brothers Pearson battle to the finish. I, being a red-blooded Amercian sports fan, would obviously love to see that. But no matter what, I am confident post race will look something like this:
Chris, Ryan & I after Cal. 70.3. They will earn those Margarita pitchers on Sunday


  1. have fun out there dude! spectating is a blast... i think i like it just as much as racing.

  2. Can't wait to hear the results. Both of the race and your spectating.